030307001 > |Barnard Design Studio|blog|student work|log > Barnard Design Studio. Food for Thought entails the design of a food-based community centre. The project asks that you examine the “food web” – the overlapping and conflicting systems of food production, distribution, consumption and disposal – and design a facility the programming of which creates a new type of social condenser based on food, agriculture, health and education. Any examination of the food web in a globalized metropolis like New York reveals that architecture is deeply implicated in the seemingly prosaic act of having a meal. The social and physical infrastructures that enable urbanites to eat is profoundly complex, usually uneven and always changing. Debates about green markets, organic goods, chain and local food distribution, the “foodshed,” underserved communities, public health, nutrition and urban agriculture are by no means new but the public scrutiny of the ways food is embedded in the design of the city requires unprecedented architectural propositions.