010206002 > |coupling geometries| Animals, living organisms, objects, buildings, are separated from each other by dynamic thresholds rather than by boundaries. Each body affects other bodies at different degrees and intensities as for every organism the ability to affect and be affected of is different. In these relations, manifestations as anger, enjoyment, excitement, sadness, shame and passion take place. It is in passion when formal and sensorial properties of a body are tested. It is through action and contact, how two or more autonomous bodies relate and assemble, transforming each other’s formal qualities until their morphological properties melt in together.

At the interface between bodies – the skin – is where most directly the sensitive reactions are manifested. Their geometry soften and flex when in contact, generating a performance of temporary singularities. Kissing, touching and coupling confounds the division between two bodies, pouring them together temporarily
to create new definitions of boundary, loosening the fixity of form and structure.
Coupling geometries open the possibilities for more complex self organizing social behaviours. A growth that occurs thorough a spontaneous production of a level of reality based on embedded sensorial behaviours having its own rules of formation and order of connection.
This project grows from the relationship between a family of tubular geometries that act as hypersensitive organisms that constantly affect and are affected by their environment (neighbour cells, air particles, sun…).