020104017 > |$tr€$$€d €uro|Data fossil of a 10 year life span| Our proposed installation aims to explore the affects of contemporary finantial space and to make them available to the audience through their physical embodiment. The processes of globalization that have been intensifying during the last 4 decades have given raise to a space that is very different from the classical capitalist space, based on a regime of simple accumulation. Our piece will aim to capture the qualities of that space and the way it relates the local and the global orders into an intensive and complex space.

We will be using the Euro as a paradigmatic case of globalization at play: The Euro system integrated a number of local economies under a single finantial order. The Euro itself is an example of the convergence between global and local orders; it displays a transnational head and a national tail. However the adjacencies of this two spatial orders can no longer as linear as the two faces of a coin. We have used economic data and generative software in order to produce a far more complex system of adjacencies which we believe to be more representative of the contemporary finantial orders.

Early optimism for the €uro has slowly given way to a less optimistic view following what is pressumed to be a long-term impact of the Greek bailout and many other €urozone states such as Portugal, Spain, Italy and Belgium. After reaching as high as 1.4440 on the dollar the euro retraced its gains to sit 0.20% lower at 1.4396. This followed a rollercoaster ride during the last months when sentiment towards the euro was driven by developments at the €urozone summit.

The events that have taken place in the last weeks, have questioned whether what was pressumed to be a stabilizing and equalizing economical strategy for the countries that belonged to the Eurozone, has evolved right on the opposite direction. Although many assumed that having a common currency would balance and homogenize the differences present in pre-€uro Europe, we could now argue that quite on the contrary, applying a common currency on an uneven landscape has enhanced the economical and political differences amongst the €urozone states producing an increasingly warped spatiality. The purpose of the piece is to explore the phenomenology of that space.

Economists warn that the prospect of prolonged economic malaise in Europe’s most debt-laden countries could undercut the continent’s economy as a whole and linger for years, even if European officials manage to solve Greece’s immediate funding crisis…many are even questioning the survival of the €uro. The proposal will try to physically represent the €uro by as opposed to displaying it as a currency that simbolizes stability and prosperity it will try to grasp its unstable nature by featuring a relevant moment of its history. The design will monumentalize a particular phase in its life span by creating a data fossil of a stressed €uro