010205003 > |Communication protocols workshop|Berlage Institute|
Workshop from January 30th until the 3rd of February.

DAY 01
Data, data scraping, data visualization > data fossils.
Slide show presentation. Data, communication protocols, data scraping, data structures.
Introduction to processing

DAY 02
Data protocols and the internet of things:
Introduction to UDP protocol:
Exercise> processing/grasshopper through udp communication protocol.
Communicating with iPhone:
Exercise> iPhone/App(1,2,3)/processing-udp-grasshopper
Introduction to Pachube api and the communication protocol with grasshopper.
Example> Pachube – grasshopper/processing.

DAY 03
Data protocols and Social networking platforms:
Introduction to Flickr api.
Exercise> Flickr – processing
Introduction to Twitter api.
Example>Twitter – processing