030206002 > |GSAPP|Hernan Diaz Alonso Advanced Studio V|Fall 2010|blog| The studio proposes, to conduct an extensive research in the cellular logic and construction of structural energy production systems. To radicalize the agenda of the autonomy of form, using the possibilities of kinetic and movement. This research will serve as a base for the design of a veterinary hospital which produces sufficient energy to power the buildings in its immediate area. Students’ design will accommodate the needs of the veterinary hospital but also the design of an energy producing system that can meet or exceed the 4 kWh/square meter daily consumption appetite of the city block. 40% of greenhouse gas emissions are directly related to our buildings. Can that appetite be inverted, from consumption to production?

Our interest is to explore how architecture through extreme formalism can positively contributes to the sustainable energy capacity of a city and its hosted biomass. Instead of focusing on how a building’s own energy appetite can be suppressed or limited, we consider how its local circulatory economy can generate energy that exceeds its own needs and which overflows into the spaces that surround it. |link to blog|