010206004| |impact responsive surface
010205003| |floorplate area calculations
010101002| |stabilizing solids
010101001| |stabilization studies
010201002| |Distortion as a means to
010104004| |Paired up units, on connections
010103001| |block relationships
010104005| |aggregation and crystals
010103002| |block stacking
010104003| |searching for an endless loop
010103003| |Real time responsive shelter
010104001| |2d packing variations
010206002| |coupling geometries
010206003| |wrinkling figures series
010104006| |3d packing
010206005| |figure rotation variables
010206001| |’Sun’ sensitive facets
010205002| |textures, rugosity studies
000000000| |ETHz├╝rich
010205001| |unstable landscape test
010201001| |gridded series

|library| What kinds of entities does the project manipulate? What kind of relationships do we want to establish between the entities? How is the organization constructed over time? those are the questions that will construct the staging for each design experiment. The selection of type, the organizational behavior and the evolution in time being the different variables that may define the structural relationships of possible organizations. These design experiments are collected into a library of protocols and corresponding material organizations.

010101001 > |stabilization studies|

010101001 > |Strings and nodes, stabilization studies| Stabilization of bodies governed by attraction and repulsion forces. the tension between the local points in the network reflects the stabilization criteria [...]

010104005 > |aggregation and crystals|

010104005 > |aggregation and crystals| Studies on packing and stacking; These experiments show component based basic 3 dimensional organizational structure studies. Attention is placed in the connection[...]

010104003 > |searching for an endless loop|

010104003 > |On durability and permanence, seeking for an endless loop| The process seeks for an amount of nodes to be connected in a looping fashion (minimum two connections to the neighbor centers) and within a range of [...]

010206005 > |figure rotation variables|

010206005 > |figure rotation variables| Environmentally sensitive skin studies. These experiments research the dynamic factors that affect the physical constructions. The sun, the wind, the context, etc are the dynamic environmental conditions [...]

010206003 > |wrinkling figures series|

010206003 > |wrinkling figures series| Facade ratio studies. Every iteration for every level, will provide the same area contained but the skin aspect ratio will vary. The iterations show an allowance zone of deviation from their original [...]

010201002 > |Distortion as a means to|

010201002 > |Distortion as a means to provide information|The research proposes distortion as a way to graphically represent data. The experiments propose to start from an even field, an uniform grid with no directionality or differentiation. [...]

010205002 > |textures, rugosity studies|

010205002 > |textures, rugosity studies| This is an experiment of a landscape simulation which aims to originate a new reality that can deal with the generation of behavioural models and abstract events without a tactile origin,[...]

010104001 > |2d packing variations|

010104001 > |2d packing variations| Every time a circle hits another circle, a connection is created, over time and iterations, a tree like structure is generated, the thickness of the line being proportional to the distance [...]

010201001 > |gridded series|

010201001 > |gridded series| The initial material is an even grid in equilibrium. The simulation aims to explore the material behavior of a variation of initial grids to an environmental tension or or force distribution [...]

010104004 > |Paired up units, on connections|

010104004 > |Paired up units, on connection| The test shows a vertically growing population that measures the distances to the neighbours. The units are paired up when they kiss, and they search for an empty slot on their vertical axis. [...]

010206004 > |impact responsive surface|

010206004 > |impact responsive surface – soft body| A landscape is sculpted by a distortive body. The bodies sculpting force is parameterized as well as its geometry and the amount of these. The surface is defined [...]

010205003 > |floorplate area calculations|

010205003 > |floorplate area calculations|Area calculation sensitive perimeter studies. The iterations show infinite possible variations within some given constraints such as, the rugosity tolerance, the amount of divisions or modules, and [...]

010103002 > |block stacking|

010103002 > |block stacking| The system generates an Stacking organization logic where each element knows where its surrounding = level volumes are. However it is not conscious, about the information in z.[...]

010103001 > |block relationships|

010103001 > |block relationships| Neighbour to neighbour relationships with no dialogue with the environment or any other external factors, some objects are thrown into a white room and their relationship constraints [...]

010206001 > |'Sun' sensitive facets|

010206001 > |’Sun’ sensitive facets| The perimeter grows or shrinks in relation to the orientation and sun intensity. In relation to the movement of the sun the shading value on the facets is graphically represented [...]

010206002 > |coupling geometries|

010206002 > |coupling geometries| Animals, living organisms, objects, buildings, are separated from each other by dynamic thresholds rather than by boundaries. Each body affects other bodies at different degrees and intensities [...]

010103003 > |Real time responsive shelter|

010103003 > |Real time responsive shelter, oculi| The Oculi experiment investigates the computational behaviour of 2D circle packing as a system of organization which is utilized as the ground for the design of a component system [...]

010104006 > |3d packing|

010104006> |3d packing and counting connections| the surface is generated when two separate spheres touch, the tangency point becomes one of the points of the plane, so that until 3 spheres touch no surface is created [...]

010205001 > |unstable landscape test|

010205001 > |unstable landscape test| This is an experiment of a landscape simulation which aims to originate a new reality that can deal with the generation of behavioural models and abstract events without a tactile origin, hence avoiding representing [...]

010101002 > |stabilizing solids|

010101002 > |stabilizing solids| Starting from an unbalanced state, where a set of connected points are scatterly placed, the process re-organizes them, and it adjusts itself in search of an equilibrium moment where the forces at the strings are equalized. [...]